Tuesday, October 23, 2018

mini rainbows

Today, I saw the beginning and the end of a rainbow...
Faint colors on the left and the right
A sparkling layer of yellow, red, blue, and purple
Clouds too thick to reveal the middle

Too often life exudes qualities of this very fragmented rainbow
Just like the middle of the rainbow, we often cannot fathom the middle of our journeys
Our journeys are often clouded by disappointments, pain, hurt, anxiety, and doubts
At some point, we may only see the good parts of life or dream of the "good 'ol days"
However, those good parts are glimpses of your beautiful story...
Beauty mingled with messes...
They are mini rainbows that make up the points of your journey
Precursors to joy and purpose

Even though your journey may have been temporarily dimmed by those difficult moments...
take a step back and you will see that your journey is as beautiful and colorful
as a full rainbow.
Nothing can take that story from you <3

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