Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Skye Blu

Bottom glued to the belt still locked...once again, I spend time in my car
it is that time right before I anxiously await an event or right after a long day’s work. 
My car gets me
Light blue Subaru...or Subby for short
Named for her color that represents so much more to the eye.
This car represents the transition I went through in late Fall
I spent all of late summer and early Fall whipping my parents’ gold Malibu
I spent 7 months contemplating what to do next after my sweet Graycie died at the hand of an unforeseen accident
Skye is my first big girl purchase
More than a purchase.... this car is my space to to cry, sung to the top of my lungs in worship, learn through YouTube...or just sit
It’s a conduit to new destinations and beautiful people
Bottom glued to my seat
Taking  my hiatus  before the hustle...the selah before the praise
Engine running, music playing, fingers typing these words

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